Friday, August 29

on a finishing SPREE!

i started these socks way back in February 2007. they got put aside for a long time after i brought them to loads of dentist appts with John. i would sit there as moral support and knit... and then every time i picked up the socks anywhere but the dentist office i would hear drills in my mind. i would smell that icky dentist office smell. so they got put to the side for a while.

now they're done. i love them!!

the yarn is Fleece Artist merino sock. the pattern is my own.

and what good would finishing be without a little starting too? new socks in On Your Toes yarn. sweet colours huh!

Thursday, August 28

more finished socks

another pair of Noro Kureyon socks. they took my a while to finish because i just wasn't that into the colour of these ones.

Monday, August 25

Bellatrix complete

i cast off with a ruffly sort of edging to add a little extra fun to these socks.

they turned out too loose. my fault, i cast on my usual amount of stitches, more than the pattern called for. the dropped stitches loosen everything up. oh well. they'll be my slouchy Bellatrix socks.

Wednesday, August 20

oooh la la

what is that in my yarn yummy alpaca sock yarn??

and there it is again in my black Regia...

yeah... lame... i know. LOL. John bought me a beautiful dainty little ruby ring today. i need to have it sized down, so i'm wearing it with a funny clear rubbery "ring snuggie" for the time being.

Tuesday, August 19

Bellatrix socks.

did you all hear that the new Harry Potter movie has been pushed back to July 2009?? wtf!? we were really looking forward to seeing it in November. :(

speaking of Harry Potter, i'm working on a pair of Bellatrix socks (thank you Ravelry!). love the pattern! i'm past the heel now on the first sock, but don't have a new photo yet. i'll take one when it's wearable :)

Monday, August 11

the Tina Shawl progress...

i just finished chart 2. so far so good... the lace is pretty easy! :)

i am absolutely amazed i am still one the first ball of yarn (Fiddlesticks Zephyr Laceweight Wool-Silk). it's *almost* done now, but i thought i'd be well into the second by now.

stitch markers i bought on Etsy. the simple loops are from Sueann Stitches... i LOVE them! no snags and they don't get in the way of the knitting. and the beautiful purple one is from Jen... Just for Ewe. i'm using them to mark the corners of the square.

Saturday, August 9

have you guys/gals seen this?

The Mario Scarf. she's knitting a scarf of the entire first level of Super Mario Brothers. LOVE it!

and lookie... the Alpine Knit Scarf is blocked :) Juliet took a couple of photos for me before i submitted it to Woolly's (my LYS) exhibition.

Monday, August 4

cuz i don't already have enough projects on the go...

Gossamer Stars Scarf (again) in the discontinued Gedifra Crystal. and socks for my 9 year old son... who's feet are already the same size as mine. yikes!