Friday, August 25

Simple Knitted Bodice progress...

it's coming along nicely. i'm really liking the Silk Garden in place of the lace inset. and i think i'm going to have enough with two balls :D

and i really really like that there won't be much finishing with this pullover. it takes me forever to sew up my knit creations because i don't enjoy seaming.

i tried it on last night and it fits nicely so far :) i can't wait to finish this one :)

Thursday, August 24

the boy in his new room...

i think he likes it. we got him the new bedframe and the storage unit/bedside table. Ikea is awesome :)

Saturday, August 19

i just couldn't help myself...

John brought me to Georgetown's Yarn and Crafts for a ball of Noro Silk Garden (more on that later)... but i came out with this instead...

i wanted another ball of Silk Garden for the Simple Knitted Bodice pullover from Stitch Diva Studios. i was given two balls at Christmas time and i'm kind of worried two won't be enough to replace the lace inserts on the bodice and arms.

lo and behold, Yarn and Crafts didn't have the colour i needed of Silk Garden, so i guess i'll have to look online for it... but i couldn't leave the store with nothing, could i.

we also went to Ikea where i got Jake a new bed and some storage... and a comforter cover and new curtains for me... i'll post pictures of our new rooms when we're all done setting up.

Friday, August 18

Fleece Artist yummy-ness

i finished my Fleece Artist socks. i love them. i wasn't so sure about the colours for myself, but now that they're all done, i think the colourway is growing on me. and the yarn. ymmmmmmmy!! i think i've developed a preference for Fleece Artist over Koigu.

Thursday, August 17

oh no...

a new online yarn shop. a new CANADIAN online yarn shop. a new Canadian online yarn shop that specializes in hand-dyed yarns. yarns that seem to be mostly sock yarns...

Pick Up

and right when i'm just a few bucks short in my paypal account to order any for myself. i guess i'll have to upload some more $ so i can order some... i'd like to see what the Apple Laine yarns are like... i've seen some Sweet Georgia yarns on other blogs and i'm curious about it too...

must. finish. other. sock. projects. before. buying. more. sock. yarn.

Tuesday, August 15

Trekking XXL colour #106

oh my... a wee little slice of heaven came to my mailbox today from now i must must must get all those other socks i have on the go finished to free up some needles for the Trekking. (you know, i counted... i currently have 5 socks on needles, all in various states non-completion).

Monday, August 14

another new project...

lol. i think i'm developing a problem. i cast on for things so fast and easily, but casting off and finishing any projects is like pulling teeth... it's painful and i don't look forward to doing it, but i'm usually happy with the end result.

the new project? the Simple Knitted Bodice pullover from Stitch Diva Studios (i'm going for the long sleeve version if i have enough yarn). the yarn is the same black cotton yarn that i had used to cast on for the Lotus Blossom tank. that didn't get far... i don't know WHAT i was doing wrong, but every time i got to the 'flower' part of the lace pattern everything went wonky. with the Stitch Divas pattern there is nothing for me to mess up... i think instead of the lace insert around the middle and on the arms i'm going to use some of the lovely Noro Silk Garden (#217) i got for Christmas :D

the Fleece Garden and Koigu socks are coming along slowly... my hands need a break from the small knitting (yes, that was my excuse to cast on for another project ;) )

... and i lost a comment... sorry Tracey! i seem to have lost your comment into the bowels of blogger doom. i told the bugger blogger to publish your words, but i don't see them now.

Friday, August 11

my beautiful dresser!

wow! wow! wow!

my father came today to pick up the kids for their usual weekend trip to my parents' house and surprised me with this!!

i've had this dresser since i was a little girl. my dad bought it at an antiques auctions back in the day... and my mother was so mad at him because he spent $50 on it and it looked awful. it had layers and layers of ugly paint on it. it was the very first peice of furniture he ever refinished. now it's one of his passions. and he's very very good at it.

he took it a while back to refinish it for me... i wasn't expecting it back for a long while because he only worked on it at my grandfather's house. my dad lives in an apartment and works in my grandfather's garage/workshop. he even went and found porcelain wheels for the legs... and the handles... i don't know where in the world he found those, but aren't they gorgeous?

wow. i am blown away. it is so beautiful. the pictures really don't do it justice. he wants to do my bed next (another antique). i am SO willing to sleep on a mattress on the floor for however long it takes. my dad does miracles when it comes to furniture... quality miracles at that. he is awesome at what he does :)

Wednesday, August 9

a finished frilly tank top

i finished my daughter's tank top today. and she put it on immediately. i think she likes it :)

the frill on the bottom is from Nicky Epstein's Knitting on the Edge. the yarn is Sirdar's Breeze. i knit it in the round and added an elastic around the top in the picot edge.

i'm not terribly happy with the way the straps look at the moment, i'll probably tighten them up when she takes it off tonight.

i turned the heel on one of my Fleece Artist socks last night and the Koigu socks are coming along at a steady rate. the kids have been outside playing a lot the last few days, which gives me loads of knitting time :)

Monday, August 7

koigu sample skein socks

a while back i got some sample skeins of koigu from my LYS owner... she was in the midst of ordering koigu for the store and the women at koigu had given her sample skeins of their colours. i think many of us who frequent the store ended up with some sample skeins of our own one way or another.

on top of my sample skeins, i have leftovers from other Koigu projects. the other day i had an epiphany... i'm going to make fun stripey socks out of all the small bits.

i rolled each colour into two seperate but hopefully equal enough balls so that i know what i have available for each sock and then played around with what order to knit them up in. i'm thinking about adding a row of dark blue between each colour change... should i? here's the order i've come up with (blue on the toe, yellow on the cuff):

i think they're going to end up taller than my other socks :)

i've been knitting on my Fleece Artist socks too... they're coming along nicely. if i have any leftover yarn from this project i think i'll add it to the Koigu socks.

Friday, August 4

John was nice enough to drive me to Georgetown so i could spend a few minutes in Yarn and Crafts where i treated myself to some Fleece Artist merino sock yarn, i think the colourway is called Jester. i wound the skein in the car and cast on as soon as we got home. i've never used Fleece Artist's merino before... it really reminds me of Koigu so far... but as you can see (or not... sorry about the crappy photo, i took it in a rush) i've only gotten 3 rows into my sock. i like it :)

i haven't done much on the Freedom throw because i've gotten back into a pair of Sockotta jaywalkers i let fall by the wayside when the first completed sock ended up too big.

and i still haven't finished the Corset Pullover. it'll get done eventually.

Tuesday, August 1

capitalizing on the heat to make some $

my children and their 'lemonade' stand. never mind that they weren't selling lemonade. they were selling coke and iced tea. and in about an hour they made $6, which they split when they came in because it was too hot to sit out there any longer. notice my son and his form of advertising... he's drinking the coke himself... i guess that sent out the message that it's goooood and coooold to everyone walking by ;)

yep. it's hot. 36degreesCelcius hot, but 'feels like' 48C. that's 118Fahrenheit if you live in the USA. toasty.

i am ever so grateful for our white trash window A/C units today. the kids are now inside enjoying the cool air while playing, one on her computer, the other on his Xbox.

i keep meaning to finish up Juliet's tank top, but i keep getting distracted. i'm going to blame it on the weather... who can concentrate on anything when it's so hot? *wink*.