Saturday, September 30

Ten Knitterly Things You Didn't Know About Me...

Tracy tagged me for this. i'm not sure if i even know if there are ten knitterly things you don't know about me... but i'll give it a go :D

1. my ex-husband/best friend taught me how to knit. i'm pretty sure my mom must have taught me during my childhood, but i never retained the knowledge. so when my daughter asked me to teach her how to knit i had to relearn the craft... enter John and the rest is history.

2. you know this one, but probably not to the extent that i would like you to know it... i hate finishing my knits. it's tedious and boring to sew all the pieces together. i like the knitting... not the sewing!

3. i knit in bed. every night. i cuddle up in my blankets with a sock in progress and something on the television (the latest being back episodes of Lost so i'll be all caught up for the new season) and knit until i can't see straight anymore and fall asleep.

4. i always forget what needles i already have and have ended up with many doubles. except dpns... i have found i just can't have too many size US1 or US2 dpns. they're always occupied.

5. i inherited two really cool wooden needles holders from my grandmother last year, but i don't use them to store any needles. if i did, i'm sure i'd have even more needles of similar sizes around my house.

6. i use acrylic yarn. yes... i do. not often, mind you, but i don't have anything particularly against acrylic yarns. they're very handy for knits for the kids... washable AND they grow with the child making my hard work wearable for that much longer! lol

7. i machine wash all of my hand knits. most of them shrink a little, so i knit a bigger size in preparation for the machine-wash-shrink. i don't do hand washing.

8. i wish i had more funds for more yarn!! oh... that doesn't really count, does it... who among us doesn't wish for a bigger yarn budget?

9. i very very very rarely knit directly from the skein/ball/etc. even if it's a handy center pull ball i like to hand wind everything into balls... that way i find any knots. and it's so much easier to knit from a hand wound ball, yarn rolls off the ball so smoothly with very little resistance... i keep the ball in my knitting bag so it doesn't roll away and just knit knit knit. okay... that and i'm absolutely anal.

10. i have stabbed myself with my dpns. a size US 1 dpn to be exact. i left a sock in progress on my bed when i got called to look at something absolutely important on the computer by John (don't remember what the hell it was now though), forgot about the sock in progress, plopped back onto my bed and OUCH. needle sticking straight - literally - out of the side of my thigh. i had to just inspect the carnage for a few moments, call the kids over to look and laugh, before separating myself from my beloved needle. i put a band aid on the wound and just kept on knitting, but you can bet i keep my eye open for any dpns before i plunk myself down anywhere now.

Thursday, September 28


we have a new skate park in town! (the only skate park in town... heh). it's not officially open as they're still working on landscaping and some construction, but it's usable 'at your own risk'. it's only a five to ten minute walk from our house and it's free, so the kids and i have been heading over there to enjoy it. we try to go during school hours... it's not so busy, just a few teens on spares and a few young adults with a day off work. it's been fun so far.

we've been looking around for bigger skateboards since the kids have so obviously outgrown the wee little pocket boards i bought them a few years ago. but, since the new skatepark 'opened' the stores have been sold out of skateboards. or at least sold out of the 'affordable' skateboards... as much as i love the kids, i'm not going to spend $50 per board just yet. i'll think about it if either of them actually stop riding on their bums ;) LOL.

Wednesday, September 27

one down...

one to go.

this is, by far, the tallest sock i've ever knit. i went toe-up and just kept knitting until i ran out of yarn. i really really like how this sock turned out! these are going to be for my daughter, but they fit me too (her feet are almost as big as mine already... she's only ten!), so when she outgrows them i'll get them. they're snug across my calf (that's me in the photos), but fit her perfectly :D

Friday, September 22

just in time for Socktoberfest...

i just love it when sock yarn shows up at my front door...

8 balls of Gedifra Fashion Trend Sportivo in colours 5793,5763,5768,and 5704 that i purchased from FunKnits. and another ball of the ever popular Trekking XXL 100, from the

i cast on right away with the Gedifra because i have never used it before and just had to know what it was like.

it's rather funky. it has a thin elastic running between the twists of yarn... it makes the socks in progress really springy and stretchy (i like!). but as i'm knitting with it the yarn is bunching around the unstretched elastic...

and lastly, i have one Tropicana sock finished... ermmm... almost finished. i have to weave in the ends (yarn is Trekking XXL in colour 106).

Sunday, September 17

Sockotta Jaywalkers... done!

weird things are happening in this, the land of UFO's... two FO's in less than a week. i know myself well enough to know this isn't the beginning of a new trend.

Friday, September 15

Simple Knitted Bodice... done!

not the best photos, but they'll do. i shouldn't have had a black tank top on underneath for the photos so you could see the neckline better. ah well.

Simple Knitted Bodice
Yarn: Lily Sugar and Creme cotton (9 balls) and Noro Silk Garden (2 balls)... someone said that combination is like 'wearing pearls with your jeans'. LOL.

i LOVE this pullover!! it was so very easy to knit and it was SO nice to have no seaming to do! everything turned out wonderfully except the neckline, which is a little floppy, but i don't think i'm going to do anything about it unless it stretches out during wear. i really like how the silk garden looks in the black. and it is so comfy to wear!

all in all, i'm really happy with this one and i think i'll be using the pattern as a base pattern for other pullovers.

Wednesday, September 13

my little (growing) sock yarn stash.

here are my full balls of sock yarn. i have piles of leftover bits of sock yarn everywhere... and some skeins that i've rolled into balls and didn't photograph.

and i have a habit of starting socks and then moving on to other projects (usually more socks).

so here it is:

the pink yarn is the lovely Fleece Artist i bought a few weeks ago. there are three full balls of Austermann's Step in there (one that i rolled into two equal balls for socks i haven't started yet), some Elann sock yarn (love the plain beige for lacey patterns), Opal Petticoat #1290 (a new addition from Fun Knits), Sockotta, two mismatched balls of Regia (i'm planning on striping those).

i've been working on socks. i have a pair going for my father in solid red Regia. i didn't take pictures of them in progress because they're just plain ribbed... i'll wait until they're done for photos.

here are my Tropicana socks in progress. i'm doing these in Trekking XXL colour 106. i had some trouble photographing them. here's a shot with the flash and one without. i like the subtle wavey pattern in the soft colours a lot. i'm considering using this pattern with the Opal Petticoat.


sans flash:

i'm almost finished the Simple Knitted Bodice... another few inches to go on the second sleeve and then the neckline. a few bits to weave in... but no dreaded seaming. wooooot!

Tuesday, September 12

oh yeah...

the new Knitty is up!

too late to join the battle

by just a few days. darn it.

what battle you ask?

the SOCK WARS battle! doesn't that sound like a blast? i'm sure i'd be one of the first ones out, but dammit if i wouldn't have a blast battling :D

i'm going to follow that one and join in on the next Sock War.

i have pictures... sock yarn, socks in progress... but the energy to post 'em i don't have. yesterday i felt a little funky and just thought it was the lack of sleep. blech. i wish. i have some kind of funky stomach thing going on. no headaches, no coughing, no stuffy noses, no other pain whatsoever, just one heck of an upset stomach. i must have chowed on something that's not sitting well. so i'm just chilling out in bed today with the laptop. i fall asleep for a while here and there and i'm slowly beginning to feel a little better. the kids have been GREAT. they've been pretty content to have a homeschool-free day and have been keeping themselves busy with video games here in my room... aren't they sweet? they both came in here to play to keep me company. i love those little monkeys :D

Monday, September 11

insomnia sucks.

the entire house is asleep... except me. i'm tired, oh am i tired... but my brain will NOT stop long enough for it to let me sleep.

i've had so many things on my mind. the first is some crap that's been going on here in my complex. i'm the president of the board here and i'm stumped as to what to do. the person in question knows the rules and by laws so well she also knows how to get around them, crawl through the loop holes and bullshit and intimidate those who aren't familiar with the bylaws (and sometimes even those who are), so it seems we can't do much. but it's getting to the point where something HAS to be done before the rest of us get in trouble for her actions. it's really frustrating.

and the next is that it's slowly nearing that time of the month again... but i'm just feeling all down about it. this is the FIFTH cycle of TTC. i'm seriously wondering if it's ever going to happen. *must.think.positively* as much as i hate seeing AF, it does give my brain a break... no wondering and worrying or charting and timing when she's around!

i'm trying to think of happy things... like what i'll spend my next yarn allowance on. i've heard some nice things about Apple Laine yarn, so i'm thinking i'll order some of it from Pick Up Sticks when i can. and perhaps while i'm ordering from there anyway, i'll try out some Sweet Georgia yarn too. a girl really can't have too much sock yarn, can she now ;)

and i'm trying to think about what goodies i'll be getting in the mail soon. i have a ball of Trekking XXL in colour #100 coming my way... and a friend bought me some dollar store HPTs in the USA and they're heading this way too. i don't understand why we don't have HPTs in our Canadian dollar stores... i hate spending so much money on them, especially because they've all been negetive so far - *frown* - $10 for two of the "cheap" brand ones or $10 for one of the name brand ones. yet in the US, the same thing costs only $1! and reading on the TTC forums i do, i haven't heard of one person getting a false result with the dollar store brand tests.

i'm working on sleeve #2 of the Simple Knitted Bodice (yeah, i didn't have it done for Thursdays SnB). the pattern is so easy, and it would be fast for most knitters to whip up... i just lose interest quickly so i switch from one project to another and back again... sometimes in the matter of a few minutes. time i'll try to stick to the usual knitting content.

Wednesday, September 6

so i've learned some things about felting...

the first being that stockinette edges flare during the felting process. what went into the machine looking bag-shaped came out looking... well... wonky pancake shaped. (sorry, i forgot to put the body lotion bottle next to the 'finished' product for size comparison).

the second thing i learned is that the length shrunk more than the width did. so i'll keep that in mind.

and the third thing? i think i'm a glutton for punishment because i've been working on this to felt... it'll be another bag... hopefully from what i've learned i'll be able to pull it out of the washing machine still bag-shaped.

pssst... i used Headwater Daina wool for the bag... it felts up LOVELY.

Tuesday, September 5

do you know what today is?

the first day of school!!

oh... the peace... the quiet. it's so lovely.

it's 11a.m. and there has not been ONE KNOCK AT THE BACK DOOR! it feels surreal. all summer long the kids have been knocking at the back door starting at around 9:30... and ending only when they finally got called home to go to bed.

the kids have been chilling out on the sofa watching SpongeBob all morning. when i'm showered and dressed we'll start our school day.

in the meantime... here's how far my Simple Knitted Bodice is. i'd really like to have it done for Thursday so i can wear it to the SnB i go to :)

and here's a bag i knitted that i'm going to felt. i ran out of yarn while binding off. i threaded the yarn through the remaining unbound off stitches... i hope it holds up while felting. (with my favourite body lotion for size reference).

Sunday, September 3

my Fleece Artist socks have been worn... and recently washed... and wow. i put them through a regular load in my laundry machines (washer and dryer)... they are now officially the SOFTEST socks i have ever owned. i can't believe how much they have softened up! they were lovely to begin with... now they are heaven!

Koigu rainbow-ish socks are done!

just in time for chilly weather.

remember this?

it's now these:

i left out the yellow because the socks were tall enough. and i didn't use each entire little ball of colour, i just did 18 rounds of each colour. so i have enough koigu for another pair of socks with yellow toes, heels and cuffs.

i was pretty short on the blue at the end, so the cuffs are very short and roll a bit. i wish i had a little more, enough for another 2 or 3 rows would have stopped the curling. but that's okay, they still turned out nice.

now i just have to weave in the ends.