Sunday, September 3

Koigu rainbow-ish socks are done!

just in time for chilly weather.

remember this?

it's now these:

i left out the yellow because the socks were tall enough. and i didn't use each entire little ball of colour, i just did 18 rounds of each colour. so i have enough koigu for another pair of socks with yellow toes, heels and cuffs.

i was pretty short on the blue at the end, so the cuffs are very short and roll a bit. i wish i had a little more, enough for another 2 or 3 rows would have stopped the curling. but that's okay, they still turned out nice.

now i just have to weave in the ends.


Hazel said...

I really like those socks. I think I'll have to collect enough koigu to have a go at that myself!

Hawkesley said...

Your Koigu Rainbow socks look fab and very original :-)