Wednesday, September 6

so i've learned some things about felting...

the first being that stockinette edges flare during the felting process. what went into the machine looking bag-shaped came out looking... well... wonky pancake shaped. (sorry, i forgot to put the body lotion bottle next to the 'finished' product for size comparison).

the second thing i learned is that the length shrunk more than the width did. so i'll keep that in mind.

and the third thing? i think i'm a glutton for punishment because i've been working on this to felt... it'll be another bag... hopefully from what i've learned i'll be able to pull it out of the washing machine still bag-shaped.

pssst... i used Headwater Daina wool for the bag... it felts up LOVELY.


LMardenNH said...

I feel your pain - just getting ready to felt a few Booga bags for Christmas. If they don't shape right that's a lot of $$$ down the drain.

TracyKM said...

For shaping, you can be pretty rough while it's still wet to get it to shape how you want. And stuff it with something (plastic bags and towels) to help keep the shape while it felts.
There's a cute purse at called the Sophie bag. I've done a few using Patons Classic Merino, and there's a blog (Now Norma Knits, but I don't know the address, just that it's not a Blogspot) that has a good tutorial on the purse.
Also, you can baste the open edges together with cotton (contrasting colour!). This stops them from flaring (so I've read in a book on felting, read it too late to try, LOL).
Didn't get to the group tonight to see if your black top is done!
Are you going to the Kitchener Knitter's Fair on Saturday? I know you don't drive, so if you need a ride, let me know!