Saturday, June 21

when bad things happen to good knitting...

if you have a sensitive stomach i beseech you to look away now.

look at how far i had gotten on my Peacock Feathers Shawl. row 203 (out of 249) to be exact.

but... wait... what is that up in the right hand corner??

a closer look at the disaster. look at those two ends hanging free there. look at the unraveling. my eyes are filling with tears!

in another knitting scenerio, one which doesn't involve yarn overs and decreases i would splice those two ends back together and slowly patch up the hole. but when there are yarn overs and decreases involved i am at a loss. i can KNIT lace, i can't FIX lace. even if i could rip back past the hole and put the stitches back on the needle i would. but again... yarn overs, etc. i'm lost!

and rather bummed.

i know who the culprit is. she also attacked the toilet paper roll and my shoes last night. soon there will be nothing in this house without her little teeth marks in it.

Friday, June 20

Canada's Wonderland

i have to say this first. Behemoth = best. roller. coaster. EVER.

the first hill is 230ft high. top speed is 125km/77miles per hour.

we waited an extra 15-20 minutes to get the front car. the kids sat right up front, Mariella (my brother's girlfriend) and i sat behind them. well, i say behind, but the seating in the second row of the cars flares out so nothing is obstructing your view.

what a crazy ride. i can't wait to do it again!

some of the other rides we did were The Vortex, The Fly, The Great Canadian Minebuster, The Wild Beast (twice... there was no line up!), The Italian Job, the Bumper Cars, and the Sledge Hammer. here's a video showing some pictures of them (we didn't get many good photos ourselves).

... needless to say, i didn't knit a stitch yesterday.

Wednesday, June 18

nude no more...

yaaay! our threadless order arrived today :) so we're all sporting smart tees now.

for me:

for Jake:

and for Juliet:
and one that i ordered a couple of weeks ago for John (from

... and now i'm off to knitting with the girlies. but, sssshh, we really don't get that much knitting done.

Sunday, June 15

i'm high... help me choose purse handles :)

one lazy day + ugly cell phone + new bright nail polish (and a cheap high) =

the Kimono Ribbon bag is done :) well... for the most part. i need to sew in a lining to hide the mesh purse form. and the mistake (see the bobble on the edge of the inside of the bag?? i got carried away and knit that side too long):

now for the big question... which handles!




#4: knit handles in matching yarn.

cast your votes.... now! :)

Friday, June 13

Kimono Ribbon yarn bag update

just about halfway there, despite ripping back and starting over 3 or 4 times. i guess that's the joy of knitting by the seat of your pants ;) this is the first side of the bag, done. i think i might have to add a few more bobbles to the top.

Wednesday, June 11

a feathery little update

she's coming along pretty nicely, no?

and Woolly's is having a sale. i love Woolly's. and i love sales. i got 6 balls of Louisa Harding Kimono Ribbon yarn (2 in each of the colour below). the plan is to make a bag with it. and when i got home i remembered i have a bag form from SWTC. i might not need all 6 balls of the yarn :)

here's a shot with the flash to show off the lovely sheen the yarn has:

Tuesday, June 10

i'm into makeup too.

and since i don't have any new photos of the Peacock Feathers shawl to show off, i'm going to post some of my recent decent makeup looks.

it's kind of fitting to start off with a peacock-coloured look:

and then my "oooops, i slipped with the liner..." look. forget starting over, i just worked with the slip.

and a rainbow look. it was fun to do. i thickened up the liner after taking the photos... it looked much better with darker liner. but i was too lazy to take more photos.

i use a mixture of MAC, Gosh Cosmetics, Too Faced and Taylor Made Minerals shadows for the looks above. the eyeliners are L'Oreal H.I.P's cream liner and Too Faced Liquif-Eye. and i can't forget to mention Urban Decay Potion Primer... can't live without that!

Monday, June 9

the socks...

for Holly. here are the yarns i used for each pair :)

for the blue and pastel socks below i used Estelle Arequipa (blue) and Trekking XXL (i don't have the ball band anymore... i bought the yarn a long time ago. it's one of Trekking's slowly changing colourways in soft pastel colours):

for the next pair i used the same Trekking XXL as the pair above and the blue is Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch in colour 704:

the beige in the next pair is Elann's Sock It to Me and the green/blue is Colinette Jitterbug in Lagoon:

and then i have a poor lonely sock who's waiting for it's partner. the blue is Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch again. the red is a Regia sock yarn. again, i've lost the ball band so i can't tell you the colourway. and i can't seem to find it anywhere online either.

Sunday, June 8

so... i used to blog

blogging may not have been my forte these last months, but at least i've still been knitting... right?

and i've been knitting socks. surprised?

i started a shawl or two:

finished a shawl:

since it is 1:21 in the morning, i'll just leave it at that... and maybe warn that I'm Back!