Saturday, June 21

when bad things happen to good knitting...

if you have a sensitive stomach i beseech you to look away now.

look at how far i had gotten on my Peacock Feathers Shawl. row 203 (out of 249) to be exact.

but... wait... what is that up in the right hand corner??

a closer look at the disaster. look at those two ends hanging free there. look at the unraveling. my eyes are filling with tears!

in another knitting scenerio, one which doesn't involve yarn overs and decreases i would splice those two ends back together and slowly patch up the hole. but when there are yarn overs and decreases involved i am at a loss. i can KNIT lace, i can't FIX lace. even if i could rip back past the hole and put the stitches back on the needle i would. but again... yarn overs, etc. i'm lost!

and rather bummed.

i know who the culprit is. she also attacked the toilet paper roll and my shoes last night. soon there will be nothing in this house without her little teeth marks in it.


Susie J. said...

Oh z. Ohhhhhhhhh zeeeeeeeee.... (err, zed?)
I feel just sick for you. I can't even imagine. Well, yes I can. But I don't want to. That is just heartbreaking.

Beaker said...

Aww. That is so terrible. Little furry buggers eh?
Maybe an expert will be able to fix it for you at Woollys.
Fingers crossed,