Monday, September 24

may i borrow....?

i'm going to that wedding i was dress shopping for this Saturday. i have a dress (not one of the ones i posted about here, but similar). problem? i procrastinated and then got into spinning... the shawl i was planning on knitting to wear with the dress is not done. it's barely started. i think i'm about 8 rows into it. i'll never finish it on time.

i need a shawl or something to wear with this dress.

help? do any of you have one in burgundy, deep purple, black or beige/white i can borrow? please? :)

Friday, September 14

second spinning attempt

it's turning out much more consistent than the yarn i showed you all the other day. i split the roving in two (almost) equal parts and am spinning two balls from it. the first ball turned out quite blue and the second has a lot of purple in it. i think it will look nice when it's plied.

and i'm on a freakin' roll... i just can't stop buying more fiber!! exhibit one. exhibit two. exhibit three. and i am coveting this one in such a bad way. i need more $ in my paypal. i hate how that account seems to empty so fast. ;)

we gave Burban a lovely funeral. she's buried just under our kitchen window so she's still nice and close to us.

Monday, September 10

hallelujah! i have found the camera...

and it was hidden in one of the cubbies on the coffee table. finding working batteries wasn't quite as easy, but i was up to the task.

so here's what i've been up to (other than unpacking and settling in... i will show pics of the new place as soon as it's decent enough to share on the internet):

the "stash busting" blankets:

and lookie! i made yarn!! this is my first successful attempt. i'm sure to spinners who have more experience it looks so "beginner", but damn, i am proud! it's made from the Fleece Artist merino sliver i bought at the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter's Fair on Saturday. it turned out chunky, with thick and thin spots, but that's okay. i knit up a swatch on size US 15 needles:

a shot with the flash, because it makes the colours pop:

(and aren't the new living room floors so much nicer than the generic parquet we had at the last place?)

Sunday, September 9

spin spin spin!

i went to the Kitchener/Waterloo Knitter's Fair yesterday with a friend, Sharon, and had a blast! well worth the drive. and next year i'm going to bring more money!! we met with two other gals from the Orangeville knitting group and i was really glad to see them again. Tracy is looking absolutely FABULOUS! and she wore a beautiful knit tank. and Cindy cracked me up as usual. love her!

i bought a drop spindle and a bunch of batts/roving (whatever the terms are... i haven't learned the lingo yet). so i've been practicing. the first round... yikes. suckage city!! luckily i got a little freebie bag of batting and that was what got wrecked. today i broke out the Fleece Artist roving, even though i'm not at all good yet... i just couldn't resist it. so far the spinning of that isn't going as terrible as the first tries yesterday evening. i have one little ball. i'm going to spin another and try plying it. and now i just want more more more batts/roving!! i took a quick look on Etsy and am very tempted, especially by some of the funky batts with freaky fibers in them like Angelina and Firestar (seriously... i'm like a magpie, attracted to the sparkly things!).

i really want to show you some pictures. but it's dark here now. and i have no idea where the camera is. so... tomorrow.

yes... tomorrow. i will be back. i will get back to blogging because i miss it!! now that we're more settled i'll have more time for the things i've been missing.

i have been knitting. i'm working on two afghans (why do i dislike that word so much?) to use up old/novelty yarns. well, that was the idea, but i found some really funky yarns on sale at Woolly's for $2 a ball... $2 a ball!! i couldn't resist!! so instead of strictly using up stash, i added to it.