Friday, September 14

second spinning attempt

it's turning out much more consistent than the yarn i showed you all the other day. i split the roving in two (almost) equal parts and am spinning two balls from it. the first ball turned out quite blue and the second has a lot of purple in it. i think it will look nice when it's plied.

and i'm on a freakin' roll... i just can't stop buying more fiber!! exhibit one. exhibit two. exhibit three. and i am coveting this one in such a bad way. i need more $ in my paypal. i hate how that account seems to empty so fast. ;)

we gave Burban a lovely funeral. she's buried just under our kitchen window so she's still nice and close to us.

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TracyKM said...

Wow! I can't wait to see your third attempt!
Once you spin one ply, is it possible to stretch out thick spots to make it more even? How long did it take you to spin/ply that much?