Thursday, April 28


a little more nailpolish stash enhancement.  from right to left:  OPI Expert Touch Lacquer remover, Burlesque minis gift set (colours are The Show Must Go On, Ali's Big Break, Let Me Entertain You and Tease-y Does It), Orly in Fifty Four, OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream and Black Shatter.  and an OPI Correct and Clean up stick because, as you've all seen, my homemade manicures need help.

Wednesday, April 27

another day, another nail polish

told ya i was on a binge...

this is Joe Fresh in Peacock.  the dots are Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Plum Power.   Seche base and top coats.

i really need some pointers on doing neater manicures.  why do i always end up with gloopies at my cuticles?  how do you all avoid that?  what's the trick i'm missing?  anyone?  :)

Tuesday, April 26

more polish!

while i was waitng at my local Zehr's for a prescription to be filled i wandered into the makeup aisle.  such as it is.  and took a good look at the Joe Fresh polishes.  i figured, meh, they're 3 for $10, i can afford to grab a few.  i grabbed Persian Blue, Twilight and Peacock (which has a pretty greenish tint to it that i just cannot capture with my camera).

but whoah?... hold up.  check out Twilight again.  it's a flakey!  i had no idea Joe Fresh had released a flakey polish!!  i could not resist... a flakey polish that i can afford??  yoink!

i did my best to try to capture the way the flakes change colour depending what angle you see them from:

now i am totally tempted to take off the easter-ish polish i put on last night to try these out!

Monday, April 25

a day late...

for Easter-y coloured nails.

i used all China Glaze polishes: Bahamian Escape (blue), Light As Air (purple), Something Sweet (pink). and a Seche top coat. i’m still pretty new to doing my own nails, pardon the untidiness :)  and pay no mind to the hangnail.  :\

...and now i'm going back to bed.  i've had a migraine all day.  and i'm a dumbass and then filled up the room with the smell of nailpolish.  now my nails are pertier, but gah, my head is pounding!

Thursday, April 21

Nail Me!

i've been on a bit of a nailpolish kick lately.  i don't usually paint my fingernails because, well, frankly, it never lasts longer than a day.  but i've been poking around some nail blogs and picked up some tips for longer manicures and thought i'd try them out.  and then i found the most awesome nailpolish at a local discount store and the rest is history.  i've become addicted!

the polish that started my obsession (OPI Designer Series DS 007):

and then i came across some fun China Glaze polishes (full size bottles, from left to right: Dynasty, Luna, C-C-Courage, Drastic, Good Witch?.  and the mini bottles - i really don't know what collection they're from -, top row left to right: Something Sweet, Light As Air, Re-Fresh Mint.  bottom row: Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, Bahamian Escape):

base coat, top coats.  i only just bought the Seche products this afternoon, i haven't had a chance to try them out yet.  the Essie No Chips Ahead top coat was applied yesterday.  i haven't been too hard on my nails since then so i don't have a quality comment on how it's holding up.  yet.  anyway... on to the picture:

and my current home-made amature manicure.  i'm wearing China Glaze in Drastic and Essie No Chips Ahead top coat:

Tuesday, April 5

Stash Enhancement!

my love took me to Riverside Yarns in Owen Sound on Friday.  i don't think words are needed for the rest of this post... just yarn pr0n.

In order of appearance;
- Trekking XXL in colour 415.
- Wendy Happy in colour 2520/Virgo.
- Malabrigo Sock in Archangel (i loved the colour so much the first time i bought another hank.  i wound it into a ball the moment i got home).
- Fleece Artist Trail Socks in Rose Garden.
- Malabrigo Sock in Indiecita (another repeat... i knit the first hank into a In the Land of Oz shawlette).
- Koigu KPM and Koigu KPPPM.  intended for striped socks for meeeeee :)
- Malabrigo Sock in Abril, being knit into another Holden Shawlette.  (i wasn't kidding when i said that Malabrigo Sock was my new favourite yarn of all time.  i could knit with it forever and be happy :)

Monday, April 4

it's... beige.

so not me, i know!  i don't do beige.  beige is so... beige.  usually i pick out furniture based on it's colour and looks.  this time i just went with price and comfort.  so beige it is.

i've lived in this apartment for exactly a year and haven't bothered to paint any of the rooms.  i keep wanting to, but keep getting this weird feeling that it would be a waste.  i think it's the universe telling me that something more permanent (and without the three flights of stairs up) is coming along soon :)

so... here's my new sofa.  all arranged.  i won't go into details about how that went.  all you need to know is all it took for it to get done without frustration was for John and i to leave and for his teenage children to take over and finish the job doing what parents preach for their kids to do but somehow forget the lessons when it comes to themselves: co-operation and compromise.  they are awesome kids :)

please pardon the clutter.  i will get around to arranging the books on the bookshelf again.  eventually.  i'm just happy they're back on the shelf at all after the re-arrangement of the living room to make room for the new sofa that seems so much bigger in my apartment than it did on the showroom floor.  ;)