Sunday, September 28

oooo, i love Noro...

Yarn: Noro Kureyon sock in colour s182 and Regia 4ply in black. my regular toe up pattern. a black heel and toe, knit four rows of Noro, four rows of black and you get some fabulous socks!

i put these up on Etsy but i may regret selling them. even if i did another pair with the leftover yarn there is no way i'd ever get them this perfectly rainbow again.

on a personal note, i can't sleep. i went to bed at 6:30ish because i was getting a pretty nasty migraine. i couldn't sleep then either. so i took half of a sleeping pill and finally passed out around 8:00. slept very well. i woke up around 4:ooam to pee and now i just can't fall back to sleep. i don't want to take the other half of the sleeping pill, so i figured i'd get up and do a few quiet things. thank goodness we have nothing on the agenda for tomorrow, i'll nap if i need to :)

Friday, September 19

socks for sale!

you all know i can't stop knitting socks. and now i'm running out of feet to wear them on ;) so i've put a few pairs up on Etsy to help support my sock yarn habit.

Sock Sale

... go take a peek :D

Wednesday, September 17