Wednesday, October 10

more spinning

Superwash Merino with Angelina (which i got at the Kitchener show from The Black Lamb), plied with 55% cashmere, 45% silk (from Colourmart):

(a shot with an unplied ball... i will get around to it asap):

100% Merino from an Etsy shop:

another Black Lamb batt (100% wool with red yellow and blue thread bits)... drop spindle made by my father (isn't he freakin' awesome!?):

and a gratuitous new kitty shot... say hi to Summer, aka Freakazoid:

Monday, October 1

a few photos...

not of knitting though... well... not mine anyway ;)

this is from Corinna's wedding on September 29th :) we didn't get many good photos... i'll have to snag some from the peeps on Facebook.

we clean up nicely don't we. these photos were taken at my parents' house before the big event (my mum took quite a few... we don't dress up often):

the beautiful bride, my friend Corinna:

me, trying to figure out how to bustle Corinna's gown. see that shawl? Sharon knit that. it's freakin' beautiful!!! and i was totally honest when people asked if i had knit it. it's a sign of true friendship when you trust someone with such a beautiful creation!