Sunday, April 30

finished objects!

not all recent, but still all finished.

i finished my daughter's super pink and furry jacket last fall, but finally added buttons just the other day:

(created in Sirdar's Denim Ultra and some fun fur or another, my own 'pattern')

and my son got his pullover about a year ago, but since i used a fun acrylic to make it, it seems to be growing with him (pardon the kid, he's goofy and really doesn't care if his shirts are on backwards or if they match his favourite pants):

(created in Bernat's Softee Chunky and the pattern came from one of the ball bands)

and finally, a very recent FO... the simply lovely lace socks from Interweave Knits that i made for my daughter, in her favourite colour:

(Elann's Sock It To Me yarn)

Friday, April 21

some news just isn't good...

even if it means you can get yarn at deep discounts.

last night at our little stitch and bitch our local yarn store owner told us she's going to have to close the store. what an absolute bummer. we love her. we love her store.

she had so much on sale. i bought three balls of Austermann Step for $12.50 each. hello! now i have a ball in each of the four colourways she carried.

and i also got a few balls of Sirdar's Duet for a lovely summer tank top. i also got the pattern and needles from our dear Toby.

it's been decided we'll all continue to meet for our thursday night stitch and bitch, but we just won't be able to do it in the lovely setting of the yarn store anymore.

i am so bummed. it's really a shame things didn't work out for Toby. she's SUCH a sweet heart, she deserved to have her business do well... and not just well, EXTREMELY well.

in other knitting news, i'm managing to squeeze out another pair of Trekking 100 socks for my son. he loves the first pair so much he wears them constantly. another pair will mean i'll be able to wash the first pair while he wears the second (or vice versa) without any 'are they done yet?'s :)

Friday, April 14

these socks are happy!

and so is the boy whose feet they get to cover.

they're Trekking yarn, colour 100. my son wore them yesterday despite it being a lovely warm day. what is it about seeing your kids in things you've knit them that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside?

i still have LOADS of yarn left over. but i'm not sure what to do with it... baby socks? try my luck at making my son a second pair and hope there is enough? decisions, decisions ;)

Tuesday, April 11

the socks aren't happy...

it's slowly becoming that time of year again... when things warm up and socks get stuffed into drawers and forgotten about until fall. my socks seemed to be dealing okay with the inevitable... until i came home with these lovelies.

... and the overwhelming opinion on them is that they are definitely to be worn without socks.

none of my handknit creations will be peaking from beneath that adorable mary jane strap this spring. i think i'm feeling a little down about it too. no socks.

my sock yarns suddenly seem even that much more appealing to me knowing that the socks they create won't be fully appreciated for months and months... and months.

i love my new shoes. they are comfortable, funky, adorable even... i will love wearing them. but i think i may be looking forward to some good chilly fall days before summer has even made me break a sweat just so i can enjoy hand knit sock love again.

Tuesday, April 4

sometimes i love getting mail

dontchya just love it when there are goodies like this waiting for you in your mailbox? *huge grin*

and i'm kind of surprised, my son is claiming the Trekking 100 for himself. he must have a pair of hand knit socks out of that yarn. i think i'm going to have to order some more from mahvelous!

spring sickies

ugh. the last few days have not been fun in our house. the kids came down with some stomach bug. so far i've managed to stay clear of it... let's hope it stays that way! the kidlets seem to be doing much better today, except i think my son now has a lovely case of pink-eye. ew.

i've been working on what might become a small throw blanket while the kids were ill. it's being created with Moda Dea's Cache yarn that was gifted to me. this stuff is fun :)

i was working on a lovely Jaywalker sock in Sockotta, but as the sickies hit, i stopped paying that much attention to it and it ended up a bit too long for my foot, so i ripped it out last night and do intend to start over eventually. the Jaywalker pattern is fun, now i know why it's been such a big hit all over the internet. it's a great pattern that's easy to memorize and easy to keep up with while other things are going on around you. and it knits up super fast (which is why i didn't have a big problem just frogging the sock to start over).

i'm dying to get out of the house for some fresh air today. i think i'll see if the kids would like to do some rollerblading along the front sidewalk for a while. i'd love to get some errands done, but bringing pink-eye boy out into public like that might not be appreciated by others ;)