Friday, April 21

some news just isn't good...

even if it means you can get yarn at deep discounts.

last night at our little stitch and bitch our local yarn store owner told us she's going to have to close the store. what an absolute bummer. we love her. we love her store.

she had so much on sale. i bought three balls of Austermann Step for $12.50 each. hello! now i have a ball in each of the four colourways she carried.

and i also got a few balls of Sirdar's Duet for a lovely summer tank top. i also got the pattern and needles from our dear Toby.

it's been decided we'll all continue to meet for our thursday night stitch and bitch, but we just won't be able to do it in the lovely setting of the yarn store anymore.

i am so bummed. it's really a shame things didn't work out for Toby. she's SUCH a sweet heart, she deserved to have her business do well... and not just well, EXTREMELY well.

in other knitting news, i'm managing to squeeze out another pair of Trekking 100 socks for my son. he loves the first pair so much he wears them constantly. another pair will mean i'll be able to wash the first pair while he wears the second (or vice versa) without any 'are they done yet?'s :)

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