Tuesday, April 11

the socks aren't happy...

it's slowly becoming that time of year again... when things warm up and socks get stuffed into drawers and forgotten about until fall. my socks seemed to be dealing okay with the inevitable... until i came home with these lovelies.

... and the overwhelming opinion on them is that they are definitely to be worn without socks.

none of my handknit creations will be peaking from beneath that adorable mary jane strap this spring. i think i'm feeling a little down about it too. no socks.

my sock yarns suddenly seem even that much more appealing to me knowing that the socks they create won't be fully appreciated for months and months... and months.

i love my new shoes. they are comfortable, funky, adorable even... i will love wearing them. but i think i may be looking forward to some good chilly fall days before summer has even made me break a sweat just so i can enjoy hand knit sock love again.

1 comment:

Knittinreed said...

The shoes are cute, but I love all the socks you have knit! Nice. Especially the Embossed Leaves...
Also your Mom's cardigan is lovely.