Wednesday, March 30

i am so excited

i have to announce that i have bought myself a wonderful set of rings.  i have been eyeing the rose rings available from Wexford Jewelers for longer than i care to admit.  i have finally purchased.  it is a wedding set.  i suppose if John and i ever get married (we have talked about it) i can use it as it is intended to be used... as a wedding set.  i can give him the engagement ring and he can propose to me if that's in the cards.  but i bought it, i paid for it, if we don't last it is mine.  if he uses it to propose to me i will not let him "pay me back" for it.  if we marry it will represent my love for him.  if we don't marry or we break up it will represent my independence because *i* bought it.  and i will wear it proudly on my right hand.

okay... so maybe i have some issues left over from my last experience with marriage ;) 

anyway... looooook!  isn't it stunning??

i have nothing but good things to say about the people at Wexford.  buying from them was pure and utter joy.  they are real, kind, easy to work with people.  i cannot possibly recommend them highly enough.

my ring is being sized and will ship to me when my paypal payment clears (stupid paypal, the only option i had was to pay by echeck and we all know how long that takes).  i will post more when it arrives :D

Sunday, March 27

oooo shiney

my life is full of shiney new things at the moment.  yes, totally and entirely material, but hey, a girl's gotta take what she can get ;)

my super awesome boyfriend surprised me with aquamarine earrings for my birthday:

i treated myself to a new tanzanite ring:

and a better cell phone for texting, cuz that's all i really do on my cell.  the yellow/green edging is my own doing... i didn't like it all pink, it was just  so i took some nail polish to it to personalize it.  i think it will need one more coat, when the first three are completely dry:

oh, and i've been knitting a wee little bit.  that brightly coloured background is a shawlette in Fleece Artist Trail sock, i believe the colourway is called Sangria.  i'm not sure i'm going to have enough to make it a shawlette sized shawlette though.  i guess i'll keep knitting until i'm out of yarn and then decide if it will block out big enough.  bummer if it doesn't, but not the end of the world.  not really sure what else i could use this colourway for other than socks though... it just doesn't "go" with the lacey shawlettes i see on Ravelry, know what i mean?  :)

Tuesday, March 22

Wonderful Wizard

i finished another shawl(ette?) in magnificent Malabrigo sock yarn.  this time i used the colourway Indiecita :)  i have decided that i could knit with Malabrigo sock forever and be happy.  if it had a pulse i'd fall head over heels in love with it, i'd cook for it, i'd cuddle it, i'd take it out to fancy restaurants, i'd surprise it with love notes... ;)

the pattern i used is In the Land of Oz (<---Ravelry link).  i had more than enough yarn for this shawl.  in fact, i knit the entire pattern but i had a bunch of yarn left over when i reached the "cast off" bit, and really didn't want another stray left over ball of sock yarn, so i improvised the feather and fan pattern and knit until i ran out of yarn :)

Tuesday, March 8

Holden Shawlette

she's done!  and she's beautiful, if i may say so myself.  the combination of the yarn and the pattern... perfection!

i altered the cast off and i finished her with yarn left over.

Wednesday, March 2

well... i'll be damned...

i ran out of yarn while casting off on my Holden Shawlette.  i was so close!  i'm slowly unravelling it.  slowly because every stitch i unravel is dropping and i have to pick it up with a handy dandy crochet hook.  i'm hoping that i can do the picot cast off again (because it really looks so cute!), but next time around i'm going to knit more stitches between each picot.  hopefully that will save me some yarn and i'll have enough to get all the way across.

witness the sadness:

but, in better news, i did get this in the mail:

my new fuzzy wallet.  it is so adorable!  lots of room for my stuff too.  i'm happy :)  i got it from this seller on Etsy:  BearMojo.