Wednesday, March 2

well... i'll be damned...

i ran out of yarn while casting off on my Holden Shawlette.  i was so close!  i'm slowly unravelling it.  slowly because every stitch i unravel is dropping and i have to pick it up with a handy dandy crochet hook.  i'm hoping that i can do the picot cast off again (because it really looks so cute!), but next time around i'm going to knit more stitches between each picot.  hopefully that will save me some yarn and i'll have enough to get all the way across.

witness the sadness:

but, in better news, i did get this in the mail:

my new fuzzy wallet.  it is so adorable!  lots of room for my stuff too.  i'm happy :)  i got it from this seller on Etsy:  BearMojo.


TracyKM said...

That's so fustrating about the cast off! Next time, take your remainding yarn, find the middle, and make a little knot. When you're casting off, if you get 1/2 way and haven't reached the knot, you'll be fine. You can even back up...before you knit the last row, find the mid point of the remaining yarn. If you haven't reached the knot by the end of the last row, you're safe to do the cast off (as long as there aren't any fancy picots, LOL).

Snowflake Mama said...

that is soooo cool

Your blog is neat. I like the setup