Tuesday, March 22

Wonderful Wizard

i finished another shawl(ette?) in magnificent Malabrigo sock yarn.  this time i used the colourway Indiecita :)  i have decided that i could knit with Malabrigo sock forever and be happy.  if it had a pulse i'd fall head over heels in love with it, i'd cook for it, i'd cuddle it, i'd take it out to fancy restaurants, i'd surprise it with love notes... ;)

the pattern i used is In the Land of Oz (<---Ravelry link).  i had more than enough yarn for this shawl.  in fact, i knit the entire pattern but i had a bunch of yarn left over when i reached the "cast off" bit, and really didn't want another stray left over ball of sock yarn, so i improvised the feather and fan pattern and knit until i ran out of yarn :)

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karen said...

that is spectacular! I too love Malabrigo. I find it hard to knit with anything else now. lace, worsted, chunky.. it's all divine.