Wednesday, October 10

more spinning

Superwash Merino with Angelina (which i got at the Kitchener show from The Black Lamb), plied with 55% cashmere, 45% silk (from Colourmart):

(a shot with an unplied ball... i will get around to it asap):

100% Merino from an Etsy shop:

another Black Lamb batt (100% wool with red yellow and blue thread bits)... drop spindle made by my father (isn't he freakin' awesome!?):

and a gratuitous new kitty shot... say hi to Summer, aka Freakazoid:


TracyKM said...

Why do you keep getting cats that look like my old one? LOL. The spinning is really coming along! Have you knit anything with it? We're off at 3AM Sat morning for our cruise, so I'll be off line from now!

TracyKM said...

I'm getting tired of looking at the pink yarn..... ;)

Beaker said...

I soooo want you to tell me all about spinning. I REALLY want to learn that.

I like this blog btw.

Joanne said...

Very nice looking yarn. I just dusted off my spinning wheel and pulled out some wool. I like your idea of plying it with the Colourmart yarn. I have a lot of DK weight yarn. But this would be a good use the lighter lace weights too.