Monday, April 4

it's... beige.

so not me, i know!  i don't do beige.  beige is so... beige.  usually i pick out furniture based on it's colour and looks.  this time i just went with price and comfort.  so beige it is.

i've lived in this apartment for exactly a year and haven't bothered to paint any of the rooms.  i keep wanting to, but keep getting this weird feeling that it would be a waste.  i think it's the universe telling me that something more permanent (and without the three flights of stairs up) is coming along soon :)

so... here's my new sofa.  all arranged.  i won't go into details about how that went.  all you need to know is all it took for it to get done without frustration was for John and i to leave and for his teenage children to take over and finish the job doing what parents preach for their kids to do but somehow forget the lessons when it comes to themselves: co-operation and compromise.  they are awesome kids :)

please pardon the clutter.  i will get around to arranging the books on the bookshelf again.  eventually.  i'm just happy they're back on the shelf at all after the re-arrangement of the living room to make room for the new sofa that seems so much bigger in my apartment than it did on the showroom floor.  ;)

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melly~ said...

and the story makes the pictures even better.
off to stalk your blog...