Monday, September 10

hallelujah! i have found the camera...

and it was hidden in one of the cubbies on the coffee table. finding working batteries wasn't quite as easy, but i was up to the task.

so here's what i've been up to (other than unpacking and settling in... i will show pics of the new place as soon as it's decent enough to share on the internet):

the "stash busting" blankets:

and lookie! i made yarn!! this is my first successful attempt. i'm sure to spinners who have more experience it looks so "beginner", but damn, i am proud! it's made from the Fleece Artist merino sliver i bought at the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter's Fair on Saturday. it turned out chunky, with thick and thin spots, but that's okay. i knit up a swatch on size US 15 needles:

a shot with the flash, because it makes the colours pop:

(and aren't the new living room floors so much nicer than the generic parquet we had at the last place?)

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TracyKM said...

I love your afghans! I made one like that for my inlaws a few years ago, but I actually had to buy most of the yarn, LOL. I won a second place ribbon with it at the Orangeville Fair! Lost to a kit pattern with the Texas Cowboys duplicate stitched onto it :( I would have been more than happy to donate some yarn to your afghans!
Love the first spinning job! If you look at the links on my blog, "Smoking Hot Needles" does spinning. She just started in May, with a drop spindle and you can see what she made with all her first tries. She can now do sockweight (using a wheel). My issue is I'd just like to start with sockweight! LOL.