Monday, September 24

may i borrow....?

i'm going to that wedding i was dress shopping for this Saturday. i have a dress (not one of the ones i posted about here, but similar). problem? i procrastinated and then got into spinning... the shawl i was planning on knitting to wear with the dress is not done. it's barely started. i think i'm about 8 rows into it. i'll never finish it on time.

i need a shawl or something to wear with this dress.

help? do any of you have one in burgundy, deep purple, black or beige/white i can borrow? please? :)


TracyKM said...

hee Hee, I know someone with a deep plum shawl :)
I have the beige wrap (Patons Katrina so it's a little shiny) that I posted back in the summer. I am trying really hard to finish a white shawl, but I think it'll take a while still.
Fabric Land has some neat fabric that is sort of lace knitting, but by the meter and not knitted (I assume). In the fancy section to the right. You can find some nice fabric and get two meters, glue some ribbon over the cut edges....

Anonymous said...

Hey Baby!!!! Have i got the shawl for you. Burgandy, lace on I did a couple years ago. Call me and I can come up this week with it.