Friday, June 20

Canada's Wonderland

i have to say this first. Behemoth = best. roller. coaster. EVER.

the first hill is 230ft high. top speed is 125km/77miles per hour.

we waited an extra 15-20 minutes to get the front car. the kids sat right up front, Mariella (my brother's girlfriend) and i sat behind them. well, i say behind, but the seating in the second row of the cars flares out so nothing is obstructing your view.

what a crazy ride. i can't wait to do it again!

some of the other rides we did were The Vortex, The Fly, The Great Canadian Minebuster, The Wild Beast (twice... there was no line up!), The Italian Job, the Bumper Cars, and the Sledge Hammer. here's a video showing some pictures of them (we didn't get many good photos ourselves).

... needless to say, i didn't knit a stitch yesterday.

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