Tuesday, September 5

do you know what today is?

the first day of school!!

oh... the peace... the quiet. it's so lovely.

it's 11a.m. and there has not been ONE KNOCK AT THE BACK DOOR! it feels surreal. all summer long the kids have been knocking at the back door starting at around 9:30... and ending only when they finally got called home to go to bed.

the kids have been chilling out on the sofa watching SpongeBob all morning. when i'm showered and dressed we'll start our school day.

in the meantime... here's how far my Simple Knitted Bodice is. i'd really like to have it done for Thursday so i can wear it to the SnB i go to :)

and here's a bag i knitted that i'm going to felt. i ran out of yarn while binding off. i threaded the yarn through the remaining unbound off stitches... i hope it holds up while felting. (with my favourite body lotion for size reference).

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