Wednesday, September 13

my little (growing) sock yarn stash.

here are my full balls of sock yarn. i have piles of leftover bits of sock yarn everywhere... and some skeins that i've rolled into balls and didn't photograph.

and i have a habit of starting socks and then moving on to other projects (usually more socks).

so here it is:

the pink yarn is the lovely Fleece Artist i bought a few weeks ago. there are three full balls of Austermann's Step in there (one that i rolled into two equal balls for socks i haven't started yet), some Elann sock yarn (love the plain beige for lacey patterns), Opal Petticoat #1290 (a new addition from Fun Knits), Sockotta, two mismatched balls of Regia (i'm planning on striping those).

i've been working on socks. i have a pair going for my father in solid red Regia. i didn't take pictures of them in progress because they're just plain ribbed... i'll wait until they're done for photos.

here are my Tropicana socks in progress. i'm doing these in Trekking XXL colour 106. i had some trouble photographing them. here's a shot with the flash and one without. i like the subtle wavey pattern in the soft colours a lot. i'm considering using this pattern with the Opal Petticoat.


sans flash:

i'm almost finished the Simple Knitted Bodice... another few inches to go on the second sleeve and then the neckline. a few bits to weave in... but no dreaded seaming. wooooot!

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