Monday, September 11

insomnia sucks.

the entire house is asleep... except me. i'm tired, oh am i tired... but my brain will NOT stop long enough for it to let me sleep.

i've had so many things on my mind. the first is some crap that's been going on here in my complex. i'm the president of the board here and i'm stumped as to what to do. the person in question knows the rules and by laws so well she also knows how to get around them, crawl through the loop holes and bullshit and intimidate those who aren't familiar with the bylaws (and sometimes even those who are), so it seems we can't do much. but it's getting to the point where something HAS to be done before the rest of us get in trouble for her actions. it's really frustrating.

and the next is that it's slowly nearing that time of the month again... but i'm just feeling all down about it. this is the FIFTH cycle of TTC. i'm seriously wondering if it's ever going to happen. *must.think.positively* as much as i hate seeing AF, it does give my brain a break... no wondering and worrying or charting and timing when she's around!

i'm trying to think of happy things... like what i'll spend my next yarn allowance on. i've heard some nice things about Apple Laine yarn, so i'm thinking i'll order some of it from Pick Up Sticks when i can. and perhaps while i'm ordering from there anyway, i'll try out some Sweet Georgia yarn too. a girl really can't have too much sock yarn, can she now ;)

and i'm trying to think about what goodies i'll be getting in the mail soon. i have a ball of Trekking XXL in colour #100 coming my way... and a friend bought me some dollar store HPTs in the USA and they're heading this way too. i don't understand why we don't have HPTs in our Canadian dollar stores... i hate spending so much money on them, especially because they've all been negetive so far - *frown* - $10 for two of the "cheap" brand ones or $10 for one of the name brand ones. yet in the US, the same thing costs only $1! and reading on the TTC forums i do, i haven't heard of one person getting a false result with the dollar store brand tests.

i'm working on sleeve #2 of the Simple Knitted Bodice (yeah, i didn't have it done for Thursdays SnB). the pattern is so easy, and it would be fast for most knitters to whip up... i just lose interest quickly so i switch from one project to another and back again... sometimes in the matter of a few minutes. time i'll try to stick to the usual knitting content.

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