Tuesday, September 12

too late to join the battle

by just a few days. darn it.

what battle you ask?

the SOCK WARS battle! doesn't that sound like a blast? i'm sure i'd be one of the first ones out, but dammit if i wouldn't have a blast battling :D

i'm going to follow that one and join in on the next Sock War.

i have pictures... sock yarn, socks in progress... but the energy to post 'em i don't have. yesterday i felt a little funky and just thought it was the lack of sleep. blech. i wish. i have some kind of funky stomach thing going on. no headaches, no coughing, no stuffy noses, no other pain whatsoever, just one heck of an upset stomach. i must have chowed on something that's not sitting well. so i'm just chilling out in bed today with the laptop. i fall asleep for a while here and there and i'm slowly beginning to feel a little better. the kids have been GREAT. they've been pretty content to have a homeschool-free day and have been keeping themselves busy with video games here in my room... aren't they sweet? they both came in here to play to keep me company. i love those little monkeys :D

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