Saturday, September 30

Ten Knitterly Things You Didn't Know About Me...

Tracy tagged me for this. i'm not sure if i even know if there are ten knitterly things you don't know about me... but i'll give it a go :D

1. my ex-husband/best friend taught me how to knit. i'm pretty sure my mom must have taught me during my childhood, but i never retained the knowledge. so when my daughter asked me to teach her how to knit i had to relearn the craft... enter John and the rest is history.

2. you know this one, but probably not to the extent that i would like you to know it... i hate finishing my knits. it's tedious and boring to sew all the pieces together. i like the knitting... not the sewing!

3. i knit in bed. every night. i cuddle up in my blankets with a sock in progress and something on the television (the latest being back episodes of Lost so i'll be all caught up for the new season) and knit until i can't see straight anymore and fall asleep.

4. i always forget what needles i already have and have ended up with many doubles. except dpns... i have found i just can't have too many size US1 or US2 dpns. they're always occupied.

5. i inherited two really cool wooden needles holders from my grandmother last year, but i don't use them to store any needles. if i did, i'm sure i'd have even more needles of similar sizes around my house.

6. i use acrylic yarn. yes... i do. not often, mind you, but i don't have anything particularly against acrylic yarns. they're very handy for knits for the kids... washable AND they grow with the child making my hard work wearable for that much longer! lol

7. i machine wash all of my hand knits. most of them shrink a little, so i knit a bigger size in preparation for the machine-wash-shrink. i don't do hand washing.

8. i wish i had more funds for more yarn!! oh... that doesn't really count, does it... who among us doesn't wish for a bigger yarn budget?

9. i very very very rarely knit directly from the skein/ball/etc. even if it's a handy center pull ball i like to hand wind everything into balls... that way i find any knots. and it's so much easier to knit from a hand wound ball, yarn rolls off the ball so smoothly with very little resistance... i keep the ball in my knitting bag so it doesn't roll away and just knit knit knit. okay... that and i'm absolutely anal.

10. i have stabbed myself with my dpns. a size US 1 dpn to be exact. i left a sock in progress on my bed when i got called to look at something absolutely important on the computer by John (don't remember what the hell it was now though), forgot about the sock in progress, plopped back onto my bed and OUCH. needle sticking straight - literally - out of the side of my thigh. i had to just inspect the carnage for a few moments, call the kids over to look and laugh, before separating myself from my beloved needle. i put a band aid on the wound and just kept on knitting, but you can bet i keep my eye open for any dpns before i plunk myself down anywhere now.

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