Thursday, September 28


we have a new skate park in town! (the only skate park in town... heh). it's not officially open as they're still working on landscaping and some construction, but it's usable 'at your own risk'. it's only a five to ten minute walk from our house and it's free, so the kids and i have been heading over there to enjoy it. we try to go during school hours... it's not so busy, just a few teens on spares and a few young adults with a day off work. it's been fun so far.

we've been looking around for bigger skateboards since the kids have so obviously outgrown the wee little pocket boards i bought them a few years ago. but, since the new skatepark 'opened' the stores have been sold out of skateboards. or at least sold out of the 'affordable' skateboards... as much as i love the kids, i'm not going to spend $50 per board just yet. i'll think about it if either of them actually stop riding on their bums ;) LOL.

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