Monday, August 7

koigu sample skein socks

a while back i got some sample skeins of koigu from my LYS owner... she was in the midst of ordering koigu for the store and the women at koigu had given her sample skeins of their colours. i think many of us who frequent the store ended up with some sample skeins of our own one way or another.

on top of my sample skeins, i have leftovers from other Koigu projects. the other day i had an epiphany... i'm going to make fun stripey socks out of all the small bits.

i rolled each colour into two seperate but hopefully equal enough balls so that i know what i have available for each sock and then played around with what order to knit them up in. i'm thinking about adding a row of dark blue between each colour change... should i? here's the order i've come up with (blue on the toe, yellow on the cuff):

i think they're going to end up taller than my other socks :)

i've been knitting on my Fleece Artist socks too... they're coming along nicely. if i have any leftover yarn from this project i think i'll add it to the Koigu socks.

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