Tuesday, August 1

capitalizing on the heat to make some $

my children and their 'lemonade' stand. never mind that they weren't selling lemonade. they were selling coke and iced tea. and in about an hour they made $6, which they split when they came in because it was too hot to sit out there any longer. notice my son and his form of advertising... he's drinking the coke himself... i guess that sent out the message that it's goooood and coooold to everyone walking by ;)

yep. it's hot. 36degreesCelcius hot, but 'feels like' 48C. that's 118Fahrenheit if you live in the USA. toasty.

i am ever so grateful for our white trash window A/C units today. the kids are now inside enjoying the cool air while playing, one on her computer, the other on his Xbox.

i keep meaning to finish up Juliet's tank top, but i keep getting distracted. i'm going to blame it on the weather... who can concentrate on anything when it's so hot? *wink*.

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