Monday, July 31

here's the Freedom throw. i'm using size US 15 needles. i cast on 5 sts and i'm increasing by three sts every right side row :) i have 16 balls of Freedom, so when i've finished 8 balls i'll start decreasing 3 sts every right side row. when it's done it will be a square shape, the stripes will be on a slant. the stripes are just random.

and here's Juliet's tank top. i knit it in the round instead of flat like the pattern called for... and i started. it was turning out just a little too skinny for my robust daughter, so when i ripped it out to start over, i figured it would stand a better chance of being finished if i didn't have to sew it together *wink*. i have to thread an elastic through the loop created by the picot edge because it's a bit loose on her up there. i still have to make straps for it too. i better get moving on it if i want to see her wear it before the summer ends!
the kids are outside playing (i don't know HOW they can be out there in this heat, but they are), so i'm going to use the quiet to watch this video mostly uninterupted.

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