Tuesday, July 4

a front, a back, and a sleeve...

she's getting there!

i modified the sleeves because i don't have the proper dpn's to make them in the round like the pattern says to. and i have also made them longer (i've never really liked 3/4 sleeves on myself). so, if i've modified well enough, the lace cuff should flare over my hands. here's hoping!

i cast on for the second sleeve this afternoon. i'm *hoping* to get it done by tomorrow evening so i can bring it to my stitch n' bitch. haha.

or at least have it done by the end of the weekend so i can bring the Krista Tee to work on at the cottage next week.

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crazymom said...

Hi Zee! Your sweater is look gorgeous! Did you get it done like you were hoping too?