Friday, July 28

ttc and knitting

i've been hesitant to post anything personal here. but i feel like my life is becoming consumed with some other things going on here.

we're trying to have baby #3. this is the end of our fourth month of trying... and i'm feeling like AF is just around the corner again.

with our first two i got pregnant our first month of trying.

this time i feel so discouraged. i don't know how people go through this month after month after month... the BFNs, AF showing up... month after month.

it seems like every cycle that passes makes the thought of seeing AF again next cycle even harder to swallow.

i've been knitting, but kind of half-assed. i have the pieces for the Corset done except the cinch straps. and i have my daughter's tank top almost finished except the straps (they're just going to be i-cord straps) and the finishing.

and i've been working on a throw blanket with Twilley's of Stamford's Freedom wool in the burgundy and light green colours... i started it out in the hopes of it being used for the future baby.

i haven't taken any pictures of these projects to share yet, but i will :) maybe this week while AF visits and ttc isn't on my mind continuously for a few days.

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