Monday, August 14

another new project...

lol. i think i'm developing a problem. i cast on for things so fast and easily, but casting off and finishing any projects is like pulling teeth... it's painful and i don't look forward to doing it, but i'm usually happy with the end result.

the new project? the Simple Knitted Bodice pullover from Stitch Diva Studios (i'm going for the long sleeve version if i have enough yarn). the yarn is the same black cotton yarn that i had used to cast on for the Lotus Blossom tank. that didn't get far... i don't know WHAT i was doing wrong, but every time i got to the 'flower' part of the lace pattern everything went wonky. with the Stitch Divas pattern there is nothing for me to mess up... i think instead of the lace insert around the middle and on the arms i'm going to use some of the lovely Noro Silk Garden (#217) i got for Christmas :D

the Fleece Garden and Koigu socks are coming along slowly... my hands need a break from the small knitting (yes, that was my excuse to cast on for another project ;) )

... and i lost a comment... sorry Tracey! i seem to have lost your comment into the bowels of blogger doom. i told the bugger blogger to publish your words, but i don't see them now.

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