Saturday, August 19

i just couldn't help myself...

John brought me to Georgetown's Yarn and Crafts for a ball of Noro Silk Garden (more on that later)... but i came out with this instead...

i wanted another ball of Silk Garden for the Simple Knitted Bodice pullover from Stitch Diva Studios. i was given two balls at Christmas time and i'm kind of worried two won't be enough to replace the lace inserts on the bodice and arms.

lo and behold, Yarn and Crafts didn't have the colour i needed of Silk Garden, so i guess i'll have to look online for it... but i couldn't leave the store with nothing, could i.

we also went to Ikea where i got Jake a new bed and some storage... and a comforter cover and new curtains for me... i'll post pictures of our new rooms when we're all done setting up.

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