Tuesday, August 15

Trekking XXL colour #106

oh my... a wee little slice of heaven came to my mailbox today from TheKnitter.com. now i must must must get all those other socks i have on the go finished to free up some needles for the Trekking. (you know, i counted... i currently have 5 socks on needles, all in various states non-completion).

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TracyKM said...

So...I'll leave you some more comments, LOL! I was wondering about the pattern for the Duet tank, but then I read more and found my answer.
I gave up trying to get my original blogspot to work, so I created a new one tracykm.blogspot.com and made my first post today!
I love that new Trekking colour you got. I haven't used that yarn yet. Those colours look like it would make a gorgeous baby sweater!!