Friday, August 4

John was nice enough to drive me to Georgetown so i could spend a few minutes in Yarn and Crafts where i treated myself to some Fleece Artist merino sock yarn, i think the colourway is called Jester. i wound the skein in the car and cast on as soon as we got home. i've never used Fleece Artist's merino before... it really reminds me of Koigu so far... but as you can see (or not... sorry about the crappy photo, i took it in a rush) i've only gotten 3 rows into my sock. i like it :)

i haven't done much on the Freedom throw because i've gotten back into a pair of Sockotta jaywalkers i let fall by the wayside when the first completed sock ended up too big.

and i still haven't finished the Corset Pullover. it'll get done eventually.

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