Saturday, July 12

a little makeup pr0n...

what's this?

oh, the bag is beautiful, but the stuff inside the little black bag is even better:

Electro Flash Mineralize Eye Shadows! and a Paint Pot in Painterly (i use it as a base... awesome!). i was planning on getting the green eyeshadow duo (Fresh Green Mix), but when i tested it i found the colours on both sides very similar. however, if i do have an extra $21 in the near future i'm considering picking it up anyway because the green is vibrantly awesome!

look at the shimmer in these suckers:

Hot Contrast:

Odd Couple:

Sea & Sky:
i can't wait to start playing with these. especially the blue. it's freakin' marvelous! if i apply it just right i might be able to emulate an 80's hooker... it's that vibrant. love it!!

...yes, the way to my heart is through the MAC store. i will knit for makeup! ;)

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Esoteric Knitter said...

ooohh nice!!! I love MAC... :)