Thursday, May 19

Color Club

this is my first Color Club purchase.  i found this set at Winner's for $12.99.  worth a try?  sure, why not!

this is the Alter Ego, Keep it Under Cover set.  from left to right: 909 Alter Ego, 910 Secret Agent, 911 Total Mystery, 912 Alias, 913 Ulterior Motive, 914 Masquerading and last but not least Vivid Topcoat.

after getting it home and opening it up i must admit i'm a little disappointed that the bottles themselves aren't labeled with their colour names.  i'm going to have to buy some stickers to write the names on and stick to the bottles before i throw out the packaging.  i know it will drive me nuts if i do a manicure to share here and have to google the colour name!

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