Friday, August 3

we're moved.

but not done unpacking.

and the story of the move... gah! when i have more time i'll tell you all the insanity of the van breaking down with the whole family in it (cat and hamsters included), boxes stacked to the ceiling, on our laps, in between seats... and mattresses strapped to the roof. we felt like the Beverly Hillbillies being illegally towed by a friend and his massive pick-up truck.

... and then things got a little crazy because we had some trouble getting back into Orangeville to finish things up there...

i am SO GLAD this move is done. lemme tell you, if i can help it, i won't live in co-op housing ever again. yes... there are some lovely people in co-op housing. but unfortunately they are out-numbered by gossipy in-your-business people. i'm so glad to be away from those people!!

i still have lots of unpacking to do. it's pretty slow-going because of the heat. but so far living here hasn't been bad. i know one woman who works at the post office and she's been lovely about helping me get our mail even though we don't have a key to the post office box (we're getting a copy asap). the main level of the house stays cool enough (the ceilings are really high and the house is brick), so even though it's insanely hot outside, it's not too bad inside. the kitchen may have been built in the 60's, but there is room to walk around in it, unlike the tiny kitchen we had in Orangeville. the kids have already met the neighbour to the right of us... the boy who lives there is 10, and they're welcome to play anytime with him on the huge trampoline they have in the backyard. when we were moving the washer, dryer and dishwasher in the neighbour across the back lane came rushing over to help carry them into the house. so friendly!

and i'm really enjoying the big old clawfoot tub... at the end of the day when i'm all sticky and sweaty and generally gross feeling because of the heat it's so lovely to run a cool bath and soak in it for a while!

when i have things around here a little more organized i'll post some pictures :)

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TracyKM said...

Hey Z....are you unpacked yet? Or are you spending all your time at Woolly's? ;)