Thursday, July 5

shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding...

isn't all it's cracked up to be.

other weddings i've been invited to i've just sort of thrown together what i've had. at my cousin's wedding i even wore my doc boots (it was snowing after all).

but this upcoming wedding? it's special. this girl used to be my best friend (we just sort of grew apart, but still love each other to death. we just don't talk nearly as often as we used to). she's been waiting to find the right guy and get married forEVER. she's in her 30's, this is her first marriage and i know she is over the moon.

so i want to find something nice to wear.

i found this dress on Amazon and am very tempted:

it's so flirty and fun! but it'll go out of style pretty quickly and i probably won't get to wear it again.

then i found this dress:

i think i could wear it more than once because it's a little more classic... and i could make it more me with my choice of accessories.

and then there is this one:

but there's the trendy-going-to-go-out-of-style issues again.


which one do you like?? please?

(you can see more about them here)


TracyKM said...

I kinda like the one with the pink ribbon. You might be able to change the ribbon and/or hem at a later date. Is it okay to wear black to a wedding now? Oh, yeah, my bridesmaids/MIL/mother wore black (and gold), LOL!

z said...

oh shoot... you mean at some point it wasn't okay? ;) i might have offended some people in the past.

(my mum wore black to my wedding... she looked beautiful :)

anyway, i don't think Corinna would expect me to wear anything other than black... she knows me too well ;)

Anonymous said...

I actually like all of them. I think I like the 2nd one the best overall - I'm sure you'll get to wear it again. Classic! :) You'll look hotter than me! ;)

Jennie said...

They're all cute! The pink one pops and is my fave, but thinking about wearing ability, the 2nd one is a definite safe pick,just absolutely classically beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Zee baby

go for for the 2nd one. I do like the pink ribbons but it isn't as elegant as the 2nd one. I can see you in it looking fab.


Jenny S :o) said...

I like the 2nd one best....but you would look good in all of them!:o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Babe

Go for the middle one..Very Audrey Hepburn look. Leave the pink for the hair. Let the kids know that the kitten is doing fine. What do you think of the name Shikasta?

Hope to see you soon

Alisha said...

I like the second one best. You would probably get the most use out of it too. :o)