Tuesday, July 3

she's done! but not blocked.



side so you can see where i did some short rows to make the bust area higher in the front (the puckering is because i knit an elastic through with the picot edge to make it feel a little more secure):

and me modeling it... please pardon the photos. no, i'm not a tiny girl. yes, i know the new cami is slightly crooked, and yep, i'm headless (that's what i get for dressing quickly and getting kids to take the photos) (and wow... i need a self esteem boost, don't i!):


TracyKM said...

Glad I popped in! That is gorgeous!! I want one! Now! Did you say what cotton you used? I really like it! Oh, and you have a nice head too, LOL!

Jennie said...

WOw! Looks awesome. I love the back. Awesome tat!

Jenny S :o) said...

Hey Zehava!!
Looking good..you and the camisole.. ;o) ..You are one talented chica!!
Take Care..ttys

Jackie said...

I love your tattoo! The cami is nice too! :)

Joanne said...

What a cute camisole. It looks good on you.