Tuesday, July 3

just to prove i have a head ;)


TracyKM said...

I went back and read some more, LOL. Cantata! I have quite a few odd balls, but not enough of one colour. I do have some Butterfly Super 10 though, how much did you use? And do you have any of the white left over that you'd like to sell? I need about 2 balls for a baby bonnet. I really like the Cantata and I wish I had bought more!

z said...

i only have one ball left :(

i used just a little over four balls and they're 115 yds each :) you could probably use the Butterfly instead :D or the Elann brand cotton... it looks exactly like the Cantata :)

i have 14 balls of black Cantata that i've knit into a few projects and then ripped out again. i'm *really* tempted to do a similar camisole using it.

TracyKM said...

Oh, a black one would be sexy! I have some robin's egg blue, and two shades of tan in the Butterfly...the colour choices in the Elann version is overwhelming. LOL. Perhaps that's why I rescue orphan yarns from sale bins--little choice needed!