Monday, March 27

i love ikea

lookie what i acquired during a recent trip to Ikea...

how great is this thing? just perfect for getting some of the stash up and out of the way (and away from the cat), but still within sight. i love having my fun yarns within sight. the Noro is a given - it's got to be away from the cat and her hair AND still be seen, knit up or not. the middle basket has been reserved for sock yarns, so it's got Koigu and Sockotta nestled together with some good ol' basic Sock It To Me from Elann... they're all waiting for the Trekking i ordered from The Knitter to join them. next time i'm in Ikea i'm going to buy another one. i hung it next to the living room window see... in order to keep things somewhat symmetrical i need another on the other side of the window... right? ;)

and i'm knitting up some wee little socks for my cousin who's expecting her first baby in July. the green ones are done in Austermann's Step... i cannot say enough how soft this yarn is. i'll be making myself a pair after the baby socks are done... it's fabulous yarn. i don't remember the name of the other sock yarn.

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