Saturday, March 18

starting over

i've had a lovely hiatus from life and am back in fairly decent working order to continue pestering the world wide web with more talk of knitting.

i'm still at it... and i think my skills have improved. long ago i was working on a lovely cardigan for my mother:

the cardigan that almost was

which i did eventually manage to finish... only to discover that it turned out shoulder-less. and i don't mean the cute 'off the shoulder' type shoulder-less. i mean slipping straight down to your knees type shoulder-less. i guess that's what i get for trying a lace and cable pattern when i had no idea what the hell i was doing.

so the cardigan was pulled apart and the cotton sat around forEVER before i found another lovely pullover my mother was sure to love. the Caftan Pullover in Interweave Knits Spring 2006 issue. and please note that there is no mistake that this creation has shoulders. and bigger news? it's almost done... i just have to motivate myself to get the finishing done and then my mother will finally have her extremely belated birthday gift.

i knit her some gloves for Christmas though... they've served to hold her over while waiting for her belated birthday gift. here are they when they were in progress (i finished them in a rush and never did take a picture of them completed):

Vanalinn Gloves in Koigu

the pattern is Vanalinn Gloves from A Gathering of Lace, the yarn is Koigu, the mom is happy ;)

in other knitting news i have become a sock fiend. i am addicted to knitting socks. i love having a sock on the go at all times. i'm eating my words because i never got why people knit socks when they're so inexpensive to buy at any chain store... now i'm a sock snob and only wear my hand knit socks. the store bought ones just don't cut it anymore. i'll be posting some pictures of my finished socks very very soon :)

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