Wednesday, March 22


i love my socks. really, i should. i lovingly hand knit them. for me. a little selfish indulgence never harms anyone. those to the left are done in Elann's Sock It To Me yarn, the pattern in Embossed Leaves from IK. i adjusted it a bit so i could create them toe-up, and i used a short-row heel. they are one of my favourite pairs of hand knit socks right now. and those to the right are my very first pair of Koigu socks. the pattern is the lovely Lacy Scallops curtesy of the mahvelous Sock Bug.

knitting has slowed down the last few days because of a new arrival in our house... OBLIVION for our xbox360. yes... i might be a gaming geek. i am totally absolutely sucked into Oblivion. if i didn't have to stop playing to do evil everyday things, or share the 360 with the other enthusiasts in the house, i'd never stop playing. of course, the forced breaks have kept my house somewhat tidy and have kept the knitting from stopping completely. ;)

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