Monday, May 1

socky disappointment

doesn't that Jaywalker look lovely there? it seems so perfect! the colours are great, the yarn is fun, the pattern was fast and easy. and that sock is the fruit of my third go with Jaywalker and Sockotta. i cast off on it this afternoon with a big sigh of 'finally!' and spent some time admiring my lovely new sock.

and then i tried it on. well... tried to try it on. i couldn't get it on. i pulled. i yanked. i held the sock in my hands and stretched it as much as i could. i pulled again, yanked some more... finally after much struggle i managed to wiggle my poor foot into that sock. you don't even want to know what i had to do to get it back off again...

what a bummer, really. and even though it's the cutest sock i've ever made, it's a mahvelous thing that yarn can be unravelled just about anywhere or i might still be wearing the too-tight Jaywalker.

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