Tuesday, May 23

woohooo... Jaywalkers in Trekking (# 105)! Jaywalkers that FINALLY fit!

i'm glad the weather is still on the chilly side today because i'm going to enjoy wearing these babies!

the only thing that looks a bit off is the top corners of my heel turns... what's with the little hole there? i've done that heel on pretty much all of my socks, this is the first time i've had a noticable wonky stitch. meh.

so... i've been thinking... maybe i should rename this blog 'an uncleverly named SOCK knitting blog' since it seems all i knit are socks. really... i knit other garments, but socks are just so fast, easy and portable that they get higher priority.

i will show you the finished Duet tank as soon as i get it sewn together (so what i'm really saying is don't hold your breath, you'll probably see more socks here before that tank gets the finishing touches).

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