Tuesday, May 16

still around... still knitting

i don't get to update here as often as i had hoped i would. the kids and i have been busy trying to get in shape... long walks every day and swimming every second day. the thing is, they're kids... when we get home they're still full of energy and run out back to play. but me? not so energetic. i get home and flake on the sofa with some knitting for a while. is this a sign of age?

so while i'm flaked on the sofa knitting i'm usually thinking 'i could take some photos for the blog now...' but the i realize the camera is upstairs and the motivation to update is drained by the thought of stairs.

so here i am, before showering, before eating breakfast, before taking the kids out for a long walk, before doing any sort of homeschooling whatsoever... in other words, i have energy to do what i've been dying to do for weeks: find the camera, take pictures and update.

i finished an evil Sockotta Jaywalker that fits great in every way... except i knit it too long for my own foot. i'm not going to rip it out AGAIN (how can i... look at how the stripes lined up so perfectly through the heel!) so they're going to be gracing my mother's mahvelous feet instead of my own.

and i've been working on a lovely tank top for myself out of Sirdar's Duet. i'm *almost* done. Duet is a funky yarn that looks pretty neat knit up, but i'm not very happy while working with it. i have 'mom hands' and any tiny little bit of dry skin that's clinging to my forever-cleaning hands snags on Duet and pulls at it, leaving little bits of pulled up fuzz. so it's been a slow project because i've only been working on it when my hands have been treated to a good dose of hand lotion.

okay... now i'm off to do all the other stuff that leaves me a mere lump on the sofa usually wishing i had the energy to update ;)

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